School Show


The Wheat in the Barley's wide array of string, wind and percussion instruments have made them a favourite at school concerts around BC. Their tightly arranged instrumentals, sparkling with improvisations, have a compelling rhythm for clapping along, while the songs recall the lives of ordinary working people and migrants to Canada from many points of the globe.

Please read the concert overview provided below from just a few of the schools at which we have performed. The Wheat in the Barley will take your school on a whirlwind trip around the world to lands from which the early pioneers journeyed to Canada in centuries gone by. Experience the music of Ireland, Scotland, France, Russia, the Ukraine, North and South America, and the Middle East---music that has already thrived for centuries longer than the pop music of today.

Students will experience music that their grandparents (and their grandparents) made with their own hands holding their own hand-made instruments, passing their music down to their descendents as their most precious cultural heritage.

The Wheat in the Barley journeys with you from country to country, while swapping instruments along the way, jamming with ancient melodies, and telling stories of immigrants, instruments, music makers, working folks and wandering minstrels from long ago in many lands. Come, join in the adventure!